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Frequently asked questions

How does a supplier rating work with

At you start an online supplier assessment by using pre-selected questions. Because we have already thought of the questions for you, you only have to think about who you want to invite to participate in the supplier assessment. That is very easy and you are also assured of an unambiguous and validated method. Of course we offer you sufficient flexibility to also replace pre-selected questions with questions you have chosen yourself.

Does also have an API?

Yes, we certainly do! The API is available to users with the Extra or Workgroup plan. It's a Rest API that shows the results in JSON.

We are a purchasing consortium. Is for us?

Are you a purchasing combination, group purchasing organization (GPO) or does your organization work in a purchasing partnership? Then you are in the right place with us!
Enable the participating organizations to do supplier assessments themselves, from the fully customized online environment (white labeling). Use single sign on (SSO) for a seamless user experience. Link data via our API and use our extensive user roles.
Give your purchasing combination extra value with our proven solution.

How do you deal with personal data (AVG / GDPR)?

We think it is important to properly protect the data of you and your organization. That is why we take the right measures for good protection. For more information, take a look at the privacy section.